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Our Programs

  1. Accessible Breath Testing
  2. Pre-Treatment Support
  3. Healing Oasis

1. Accessible Breath Testing.
Your donation will launch a clinical trial in the Middle East for breast cancer testing using the patient's breath -  a simple form of testing that is culturally acceptable, as well as lower in cost.

This simpler, faster, and locally provided testing is far more accessible than mammograms.  In this way, help me save the lives of many women suffering from breast cancer in the Middle East.

2. Pre-Treatment Support
The diagnosis of breast cancer is a frightening, disruptive and confusing time. Women need guidance and support while their type of treatment and logistics are arranged. This kind of support is often not available in these areas.

The good news is we can provide this support. This will happen most often in the earlier stages of disease when cancer is the most treatable.

3. Healing Oasis for Long Term Survival
Imagine a safe, healing place where families can be together while their wives, mother, or daughters complete their outpatient treatments, provide transportation to treatments, and recover between treatments. By providing this level of support, more women will be treated at an earlier stage with a much higher rate of recovery.

A place with natural spaces, nourishing food, and transportation to treatments, even a place for children to play. Our Healing Oasis will be such a place.

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How Will Your Donations Be Used?

 An equal portion of donated funds is allocated to each of the following breast cancer programs and operational costs to expand our efforts.

1. Breath-based screening clinical trials for women in the Middle East
2. Planning for and design of the first breast cancer Healing Oasis in the Middle East
3. Breast cancer treatment expenses for women participating in the trials in the Middle East
4. Breast cancer awareness in the Middle East
5. Promotion and administration

About Us

The Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy is a non-profit program managed by Intelliversity, Inc. and sponsored by Empowerment Works, Inc., created to advance peace in the middle east through medical initiatives.

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