The Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy – Health Care in the Middle East

Peace Through Medical Diplomacy

"The Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy was conceived from a passionate desire
to advance peace in the middle east through health initiatives."


Peace Through Medical Diplomacy

Life-Changing Breast Cancer Care in the Middle East

Accessible Breath Test

Pre-Treatment Support

Healing Oasis

Intelliversity's Contribution

Breast cancer is far too often a death sentence in many Arabic-speaking areas of the middle east, especially Palestinian communities. Even with survival, the suffering during treatment and long-term recovery is greater than it could be.

The main problem is screening, acceptable and available screening, to find breast cancer at an early stage when the chances of cure are greatest.  The second problem is care during recovery, acceptable and available care.  The Jericho Center provides both.

In dealing with breast cancer in this way, and later other forms of cancer, the Jericho Center also brings economic resources, transfer of medical knowledge, and valuable professional training to Palestinian communities.

We also envision that collaboration with Israelis in this vital area will lead to other forms of collaboration and possibly conversations that lead to meaningful peace negotiations.

Intelliversity conceived the Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy and continues to lead the multi-year development of this inspiring project.  "Lead" is the right word, because this development requires input and creative talent from many individuals and companies.

Intelliversity plays the full "vision master" role in this project. This role requires a full team of experts.  Fortunately, we now have the backing of a world-class Advisory Council pictured here to complete the planning process, with each individual and company bringing an area of expertise.

In addition to leading this top-down planning process, Intelliversity currently handles fundraising and the Center's online presence and public relations.  This is an example of Intelliversity's "vision mastery" capacity to transform a humanitarian vision into a success in the real world.

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The Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy is a non-profit program managed by Intelliversity, Inc. and sponsored by Empowerment Works, Inc., created to advance peace in the middle east through medical initiatives.

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